What are you dreaming up?

Over the past few weeks, we have collectively shared the disappointment of delayed travel dreams. Because for passionate globetrotters like us, all travel is essential. While “Plan A” may have been waylaid and “Plan B” postponed, we can still move on to “Plan See.”

As the fog begins to lift, now is the time to get back to what we do best – clearly envisioning our next journeys, plotting new discoveries, and anticipating the fulfilling memories that only travel can bring. It’s what our daydreams are made of and our evening ones, too.

So go ahead – update your bucket list, start an inspiration board, learn a few foreign phrases. After all, the sun is still rising over Uluru, the Amazon is still flowing through the rainforest, Mona Lisa is still smiling, and the Queen’s Guards aren’t.

As we get closer to the joyous day that we can resume showing you the wonders of the world, keep dreaming, mapping, planning, and pinning. We certainly are.