Visa Information

This section helps you identify the countries that you would be visiting on each tour so that you can check on the visas required. Globus does not arrange visas or provide any documentation / hotel confirmation for any traveller or tour for visa purpose, with the exception of Russia. Visa letter for Russia costs extra. Please ensure that you have read through the disclaimer at the end of this page. Visa requirements differ for people with different nationalities, based on the immigration laws of the country you are visiting.

TourTour NameVisas Required
AA AAECalifornia ClassicsUS
ABClassic Summer & Fall FoliageUS
AE / AEENew! New England & Hudson valleyUS
AFAlbuquerque Balloon FiestaUS
AH / AHEAmerica’s Historic EastUS
AI / AIQNew! Alsaka’s IditarodUS
AJ / AJISpectacular AlaskaUS, Canada
ALNew! Northern California’s FinestUS
AN / ANQAmerica’s National ParksUS
AP / APQParks & Canyons SpectacularUS
AQPacific Coast AdventureUS
AR / ARENew! Exploring America’s Great ParksUS
AS / ASENew Orleans HolidayUS
AUNew! Spirit of the American Wild WestUS
AVCanyon Country AdventureUS
AWYellowstone Winter WonderlandUS
AX / AXETournament Of RosesUS
AYThe Classic Lodges & Parks of the WestUS
AZWestern ExplorerUS
CAPassage Through New England & Eastern CanadaCanada, US
CB / CBIUltimate Alaska & The YukonCanada, US
CC / CCIHistoric Cities Of Eastern CanadaCanada
CD / CDEGreat Resorts Of The Canadian RockiesCanada
CFNewfoundland & LabradorCanada
CG / CGIGrand Western Canada VacationCanada, US
CJ / CJIQuebec Winter CarnivalCanada, US
CI / CIEWestern Canada ExplorerCanada
CK / CKINature’s Best : AlaskaCanada, US
CH / CHENova Scotia & Prince Edward IslandCanada
CM / CMISeattle, Victoria & VancouverCanada, US
CNColorful New FoundlandCanada, US
CS / CSEGlacier National Park & The Canadian RockiesCanada, US
CTMaritimes AdventureCanada, US
CU / CUEEastern US & Canada DiscoveryCanada, US
CV / CVEMajestic Rockies Plus Rocky MountaineerCanada
CXCalgary StampedeCanada
CZ / CZIGreat Canadian Rail JourneyCanada, US
EKGrand Hawaii VacationUS
ENCruising Hawaii’s ParadiseUS
EWBest of the Hawaiian IslandsUS
GALondon & CountryUK
GBEssential Brtain & IrelandUK, Irish
GCEssential BrtainUK
GDCeltic HighlightsUK, Irish
GE / GEEBritain SamplerUK, Schengen
GF / GFLBritain UncoveredUK
GGBonnie ScotlandUK
GH / GHEEmerald IsleIrish
GIScenic IrelandIrish
GJScottish Highlands & IslandsUK
GKHighlights of Britain & IrelandUK, Irish
GU New! From the Shannon to the ThamesIrish, UK
GLThe Best of the British IslesUK, Irish
GPNew! From Ireland’s Ancient East to the Wild Atlantic WayUK
GRIntroduction to IrelandIrish
GTBritain & Ireland In DepthUK, Irish
GV / GVEThe Best of Southern EnglandUK, Schengen
HAEuropean TapestrySchengen, UK
HCLondon ParisSchengen, UK
HD / HDTEuropean SamplerSchengen, UK
HFEssential EuropeSchengen, UK
HGEuropean HighlightsSchengen, UK
HH / HHTThe Best of Italy FranceSchengen, UK
HMEnchanting EuropeSchengen, UK
HSTraditional Grand EuropeanSchengen, UK
HW / HWEHolland, Luxembourg & BelgiumSchengen
HY / HYTContinental IntroductionSchengen, UK
KAAIreland & Britain EscapeIreland, UK
KAEBritish Escape UK
KAFBritish Escape with Return to LondonUK
KANNorth of Ireland EscapeIrish
KARIrish EscapeIrish
KASScottish EscapeUK
KSImperial EscapeSchengen
KCBImperial Escape with BerlinSchengen
KDAGerman EscapeSchengen
KEALondon & Paris EscapeUk, Schengen
KEFEuropean EscapeSchengen
KEGEuropean Escape with LondonSchengen, UK
KFAFrench EscapeSchengen
KGAGreeck EscapeSchengen
KGKGreek Escape with 3 Night Iconic Agean CruiseSchengen, landing Card for Turkey
KGHGreek Escape with 4 Night Iconic Agean CrusieSchengen, landing Card for Turkey
KHASwiss EscapeSchengen
KIAItalian EscapeSchengen
KID Bella Italia EscapeSchengen
KIGNorthern Italy EscapeSchengen
KIJSicilian EscapeSchengen
KPAPortuguese EscapeSchengen
KSASpanish EscapeSchengen
KSDSpain & Portugal EscapeSchengen
KTANorwegian Fords EscapeSchengen
KTBNorwegian Fords Escape with return to OsloSchengen
KTHHelsinki Tallin,& Stockholm EscapeSchengen
K8AAmerica’s Canyonland’s EscapeUS
K2Peru EscapePeru
KCZCroatian EscapeSchengen
K3Costa Rica EscapeUS
K3QCosta Rica Escape with TortugueroUS
K4Brazil & Argentina EscapeBrazil, Argentina
K4EBrazil & Argentina Escape with SantiagoBrazil, Argentina
KMAMoroccon EscapeMorocco
KQCIsrael EscapeIsrael
KQDJordon EscapeJordon
KQEIsrael Escape with JordonIsrael, Jordon
K9India EscapeIndia
K9AIndia Escape with VaranasiIndia
K10Japan EscapeJapan
LBThe Best of Italy Schengen
LDThe Best of Italy SicilySchengen
LH / LHEA Taste of ItalySchengen
LIItalian MosaicSchengen
LJItaly’s Great CitiesSchengen
LK / LKEItalian TreasuresSchengen
LMHighlights of Sicily & Southern ItalySchengen
LNHiddenTreasures of Southern ItalySchengen
LPThe SicilianSchengen
LQItalian SamplerSchengen
LRItalian VistaSchengen
LSItalian TapestrySchengen
LTGems of Umbria & TuscanySchengen
LV / LVENorthern Italy’s Highlights & Cinque TerreSchengen
LZ / LZEItalian HighlightsSchengen
NC / NCSHistoric Trains of the Old WestUS
NBOregon’s Coast, Cascades & Carft BeersUS
NDSouthern California with Death Valley & Joshua Tree National ParksUS
NF Music Cities: Nashville & MemphisUS
NGSouthern CharmsUS
NMMackinacIsland & the Great LaskesUS
NSDiscover Glacier National Park, Hells Canyon & Washington Wine CountryUS
OB / OBETreasures of ChinaChina, Hong Kong
OC / OCEFlavours of China & YangtzeChina, Hong Kong
ODIcons of India: The Taj, Tigers & BeyondIndian
OJ / OJEDiscover JapanJapan
OVExploring Vietnam & Cambodia Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia
OY / OYEClassic China & The yangtze RiverChina, Hong Kong
PI / PIQ / PIQ2 / PIQ3Across Australia by TrainAustralia, Fiji
PK/PKE Highlights of the South PacificNew Zealand, Australia, Fiji
PN / PNE / PNY2Naturally New ZealandNew Zealand, Fiji
PS / PSEDown Under DiscoveryAustralia, New Zealand, Fiji
PW / PWE / PWQ / PWYWines of Australia & New ZealandAustralia, New Zealand, Fiji
PT / PTEGreat Adventure Down UnderAustralia, New Zealand, Fiji
PX / PXEExploring AustraliaAustralia, Fiji
PY / PYENew Year’s Eve Down UnderAustralia, New Zealand, Fiji
QC / QCEFascinating IsraelIsrael, Jordon
QK / QKEGreat Parks of KenyaKenya
QSSplendors of South Africa & Victoria Falls South Afria, Zimbabwe
QZ / QZE / QZE3Tanzania: The Savannah & Beyond Tanzania (Zanzibar for extension)
RALa FranceSchengen
RBFrench SamplerSchengen
RC / RCENormandy, Brittany & Chateaux CountrySchengen, UK
REFrom Vienna to AthensSchengen, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria
RF / RFEBohemian DreamSchengen
RG / RGK / RGH / RGL / RGMClassical GreeceSchengen, Turkey
RHIconic Aegean with 4-Night CruiseSchengen
RKIconic Aegean with 3-Night CruiseSchengen
RL248Euphoric Aegean with 7-night cruiseSchengen, Turkey
RLIdyllic Aegean with 7-night cruiseSchengen
RMGreek Island HopperSchengen
ROThe Best Of Eastern EuropeSchengen
RQ / RQEWarsaw, the Baltics & HelsinkiSchengen, Russia
RPParis, Champagne & the French CountrysideSchengen
RS / RSOImperial SplendorsSchengen
RTMunich, Salzburg & ViennaSchengen
RW2WWII D-Day Landing Beaches & Battle of NormandySchengen
RVPoland, East Germany & World War IISchengen
RXSt. Petersburg & MoscowRussia
RZEast meets WestSchengen, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro
SA / SAQ / SAE / SAYSpirit of South AmericaArgentina, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador
SB / SBE / SBQ / SBY / SBE2 / SBY2South American EscapeBrazil, Argentina, Chile
SF / SFEPatagonia: Journey to the end of the worldChile, Argentina, Uruguay
SG / SGQ / SGE / SGY / SGE2 / SGY2South American OdysseyBrazil, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Peru
SO / SOQ / SOE3 / SOY3 / SOE / SOY / SOY3Peru SplendorsPeru, Chile (Easter Island), Ecuador
SP / SPQ / SPE / SPY / SPE2 / SPY2Legacy of the IncasPeru, Ecuador
SR / SRQ / SRE / SRY / SRE2 / SRY2Natural Wonders Of Costa RicaGuatemala, Costa Rica
TG / TGEJourney Through the Holy Land Israel, Jordan
TLThe European ReformationSchengen
TMMarian Shrines of EuropeSchengen
TPFootsteps of Apostle PaulSchengen
TVGrand Catholic ItalySchengen
TZLegacy of St. Patrick Irish
YY / YYENew! The Wonders of Mexico’s YucatanCuba
ZB / ZBONew! German VisaSchengen
ZC / ZCOThe Best of Austria & SwitzerlandSchengen
ZD / ZDOGerman HighlightsSchengen
ZE / ZEOBavarian HighlightsSchengen
ZFAlpine CountriesSchengen
ZH / ZHOSpectacualr SwitzerlandSchengen
ZI / ZIOTop of SwitzerlandSchengen
ZG / ZGOThe Best of SwitzerlandSchengen
ZLNew ! Land of the Midnightsun & Lofoten IslandsSchengen
ZM / ZMENew! Best of NorwaySchengen
ZN / ZNM / ZNEThe Grand Scandinavian Circle TourSchengen
ZO / ZOELisbon & Northern SpainSchengen
ZPPortugal in DepthSchengen
ZQ / ZQEScenic NorwaySchengen
ZRIceland AdventureSchengen
ZRSNew! Gems of IcelandSchengen
ZRWGems of Iceland with Northern LightsSchengen
ZS / ZSEThe ScandinavianSchengen
ZT / ZTENorthern CapitalsSchengen, Russia
ZU / ZUESpain, Portugal & MoroccoSchengen, Morocco (UK for optional Gibraltar sightseeing)
ZVThe Best of SpainSchengen
ZW / ZWEIberian VacationSchengen, Morocco (UK for optional Gibraltar sightseeing)
ZXSpanish FiestaSchengen, UK
ZYSpectacular SpainSchengen (UK for optional Gibraltar sightseeing)
ZZIberian TapestrySchengen

The responsibility of obtaining all visas / entry documents, for meeting all health and other requirements, and for any documents required by the laws, regulations, orders, and/or requirements of the countries lies with the traveler. Traveler must consult with appropriate consulates to determine if any visas are needed and are responsible for obtaining all visas and entry documents independently. Globus is not responsible for providing specific visa and passport information or documentation and Globus cannot accept liability for any passenger refused entry onto any transport or into any country due to failure of the passenger to carry correct documentation. All passengers traveling internationally are required to have a passport. Most countries require that the passport be valid for at least six (6) months beyond the conclusion of the trip. It is recommended you have a minimum of three blank pages in your passport when traveling, as many countries require blank pages. Multiple-entry visas are required for some vacations. It is traveler’s responsibility to verify all visa and passport requirements. Any cancellations due to visa denial will deemed as normal cancellation and the appropriate penalties will apply.

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