More Than Just Grimms Brothers Fairytale

When visiting Bremen, you may be surprised to learn that there’s much more to the old city state than just the Grimms Brothers fairytale! In spacious Market Square you’ll find the 15th-century Rathaus (city hall), St. Petri Cathedral, and the medieval statue of the legendary hero, Roland—a charming square surrounded by cafés, puppet theaters, and food-filled festivals. Some of the best chocolate in Germany is right here in the vicinity, too, supplied by Bremen’s own Hachez Chocolatier. And when you’re looking to wet your whistle, just cross the Weser River and head to Beck’s Brewery.

South of the market along Böttcherstrasse is the wonderful Art Nouveau/Art Deco lane created in 1931 by the inventor of decaffeinated coffee, Ludwig Roselius. Expressionist art abounds here, with galleries and shops tucked into the red brick facades and a brilliant golden relief shining over the northern entrance to the street.

Southeast of Böttcherstrasse is the Schnoor quarter, once living space for fishermen and tradespeople during the Renaissance. Today, the Schnoor is a nest of art galleries, antique shops, and cafés along lanes so tiny that many visitors have to go through sideways.

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