Undiscovered Britain Tours

You may fancy seeing the smashing sights in Britain, but don’t think us cheeky in saying we can show you the undiscovered places that tell the true stories of its green hills and seaside cliffs. From winding paths to windswept cliffs, we invite you to discover Britain’s authentic places beyond the London Bridge with a selection of travel styles to tour the UK in a new way. Step into the truly great British worlds as only Globus can show you on these UK vacations. Explore unhurried and uncrowded England, Scotland and Wales to shop for bits and bobs only found in bonnie shires, hamlets, and highlands. We invite you on a UK vacation to discover destinations you might not yet know about, or places you wouldn’t think of visiting on your own. Join the locals to hoist a glass in Scotland and haste ye back to England while we put the kettle on for a nice cup of tea with a biscuit. Say, “Cheerio,” to typical UK tours for a better, brilliant way to see true life in England, Scotland, and Wales. View Globus' UK tours below.

Scottish Highland Fling (GM)

10 Day Tour from Edinburgh to Glasgow

Don’t be shy—you’re not the only daydreaming traveler with a major crush on Scotland. With its lush rolling hills, dramatic coastlines, tiny villages, and towering fairytale castles, what’s not to love? On this Undiscovered Tour of Scotland, you’ll feel your heart skip a beat as you journey through the breathtaking...Read More


Starting at: $2969

Scottish Highlands & Islands (GJ)

14 Day Tour from Glasgow to Glasgow

What’s playing tonight? Nothing as dramatic as the stunning scenery of lush and verdant Scotland. With its glacial glens, mysterious lochs, and dramatic coastlines, Scotland has rightfully served as the beautiful backdrop for many of our favorite dramas, thrillers, and cliff-hangers. While James Bond, Harry Potter,...Read More


Starting at: $3739

Bonnie Scotland (GG)

7 Day Tour from Glasgow to Edinburgh

Rolling hills and rugged coastlines, mythical creatures and elusive monsters, quiet fairways and boisterous bagpipes—this undiscovered tour of Scotland is a study in stark contrasts among the most beautiful of classrooms. Hitting the highpoints of the Highlands from Glasgow to Edinburgh, you’ll cruise on beautiful...Read More


Starting at: $2059

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