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Oberammergau Passion Play Tours

Oberammergau Passion Play Tours

An opportunity that arises once every ten years is an opportunity not to be missed. A theatrical tradition since 1634, the world-famous Oberammergau Passion Play is a much-anticipated reenactment of the crucifixion of Christ – from His entry into Jerusalem to the Resurrection – performed only once a decade in the quaint Bavarian village of Oberammergau.

Our four faith-based vacations have been uniquely designed to include the Passion Play experience, as well as the spiritual and cultural balance you have come to expect from Globus and Cosmos Religious Travel. On these special vacations, guests enjoy first-class seating at the Passion Play, accommodations in the heart of Oberammergau, and a dedicated onsite office to help guests make the most of their stay in this charming city. In addition to our faith-based vacations, we will offer 8 secular tour vacations to enjoy this once in a decade experience.
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The European Reformation With Oberammergau–Faith–Based Travel (TLO)

Starting at: $3,259.00
11 days from Berlin to Munich

Walk in the footsteps of Martin Luther on this Germany vacation highlighting the European Reformation and featuring the Oberammergau Passion Play. You'll overnight in Berlin, Wittenberg, Leipzig, Erfu ...More

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Grand Catholic Italy With Oberammergau–Faith–Based Travel (TVO)

Starting at: $4,669.00
13 days from Rome to Munich

Home to numerous places of devotion and worship, Italy is the perfect destination for travelers looking to rejoice in their faith. On this Italy tour, overnight in Rome, the heart of Christianity; Ass ...More

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Catholic Central Europe With Oberammergau–Faith–Based Travel (TCO)

Starting at: $3,799.00
9 days from Munich to Frankfurt

On this faith-based tour through Central Europe, visit some of Central Europe’s most important cathedrals and pilgrimage sites, and witness some of its most striking scenery. Plus, enjoy first-class s ...More

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German Vista With Oberammergau (ZBO)

Starting at: $2,709.00
8 days from Berlin to Munich

When you think of a vacation to Germany, what comes to mind? Perhaps it’s visiting fairytale castles and medieval towns. Perhaps it’s seeing the Bavarian Alps and beautiful countryside. Perhaps it’s savoring German food and beer. If so, all of this and more are included on this ...More

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Munich, Salzburg & Vienna With Oberammergau (RTO)

Starting at: $3,189.00
8 days from Munich to Vienna

With castles, palaces, beautiful scenery, historical sights, and cultural treats, this Munich, Salzburg and Vienna tour—with Oberammergau—is sure to delight all of your senses! You'll overnight in Munich, Oberammergau, Salzburg, and Vienna, and you'll also spend time in ...More

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Bavarian Highlights With Oberammergau (ZEO)

Starting at: $3,249.00
9 days from Munich to Munich

Lederhosen, pretzels, a beautiful Alpine backdrop, excellent beer, storybook castles, and medieval towns…this is Bavaria and on this Germany tour, you’ll experience Bavaria's highlights. You’ll overnight in Munich, Regensburg, Nuremberg, the Black Forest, the Füssen area, and ...More

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Imperial Splendors With Oberammergau (RSO)

Starting at: $4,039.00
12 days from Munich to Munich

This Central Europe tour is a magnificent journey through the former Habsburg Empire. Your tour starts and ends in Munich. Along the way, you’ll overnight in some of Central Europe's most exciting cities: Prague, Budapest, Vienna, Salzburg, and Oberammergau. In the cities, enjoy ...More

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German Highlights With Oberammergau (ZDO)

Starting at: $4,329.00
12 days from Frankfurt to Frankfurt

Germany is a country filled with spectacular scenery, medieval towns, fairytale castles, a fascinating history, and world-class beer. On this Germany tour, see Germany's highlights and visit its most famous cities, medieval towns, and scenic areas. Your vacation begins and ends ...More

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Top Of Switzerland With Oberammergau (ZIO)

Starting at: $4,399.00
9 days from Zurich to Munich

On this Top of Switzerland tour, witness some of Switzerland's most amazing scenery and learn about traditional and current Swiss culture with overnights in Zurich, Interlaken, and Lucerne. Plus, you'll travel to Germany and overnight in Munich and the charming Bavarian town of ...More

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The Best Of Switzerland With Oberammergau (ZGO)

Starting at: $4,939.00
12 days from Zurich to Munich

With its stunning mountains, fascinating old towns, beautiful lakes, and long history, Switzerland is the perfect vacation offering something for everyone. On this Best of Switzerland tour, experience some of its most beautiful scenery and interesting cities with overnights in ...More

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Spectacular Switzerland With Oberammergau (ZHO)

Starting at: $5,109.00
12 days from Zurich to Munich

On this Spectacular Switzerland tour, you'll enjoy Switzerland's stunning mountains and lakes—with overnights in Zurich, Geneva, the Gruyères area, the Interlaken area, and Lucerne. Plus, you’ll overnight in Oberammergau and Munich in Germany. The highlight of this tour is the ...More

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The Best Of Austria & Switzerland With Oberammergau (ZCO)

Starting at: $5,279.00
14 days from Vienna to Munich

This Best of Austria and Switzerland tour with Oberammergau covers the highlights of three of Europe's most scenic countries: Austria, Switzerland, and Germany. Spend two nights each in Vienna, Salzburg, Zermatt, and Lucerne, and an overnight in St. Moritz, Berne, Innsbruck, ...More

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