Hidden Treasures of Southern Italy ( LN)

9 days from Naples to Sorrento

2024 Tour Details

Although Italy is full of wondrous gems across “the boot,” some of its greatest treasures are hidden closer to its heel. In the Apulia region, known for its centuries-old farmland, whitewashed towns, and miles of scenic coastline, the water is bluer, the produce is fresher, and the pace is delightfully slower. This Undiscovered tour of Southern Italy invites you to kick back and live la dolce vita as you travel from heel to ankle, vineyard to grove, and clifftop to cave. From the scenic bluffs of lemon-scented Sorrento to the stunning 90-million-year-old caves of Castellana, you will experience Southern Italy’s hottest sights—and coolest. At a special wine tasting at a local masseria, you’ll raise your glass to the many highlights of “the heel,” including its castles and conical houses, ancient ruins and fresh ricotta, and its eternal sunshine and sunny disposition.

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 Meals & Itinerary


Full buffet breakfast daily; 4 three-course dinners


Day 1

ARRIVE IN NAPLES, ITALY Welcome to Naples! At 6 pm, meet your Tour Director and travel companions for a welcome dinner at your hotel.
Dinner Dinner


Day 2

NAPLES A Slice of Life in Napoli NAPLES Guided sightseeing includes Palazzo Reale. Enjoy free time this afternoon.
Breakfast Breakfast

CULTURE & TRADITION Naples delivers Old World charm in spades as one of Italy’s oldest cities. From its regal Palazzo Reale to the 13th-century Duomo di San Gennaro’s frescoed masterpieces to nearby Mount Vesuvius to the most famous pizza in the world served throughout the city in Neapolitan style. A stroll along the promenade beside the Bay of Naples reveals why locals and visitors choose this spot to soak in the sunset on the Mediterranean Sea.


Day 3

NAPLES–CASTEL DEL MONTE–BARI Medieval Marvel CASTEL DEL MONTE Take a guided visit the medieval castle.
BARI Enjoy free time late afternoon and evening.
Breakfast Breakfast
174 mi / 280 km

HISTORIC SPOT Built by Holy Roman emperor Frederick II, the 13th-century Castel del Monte remains one of the most revered cultural sites in Puglia. This spectacular octagonal fortress is listed by UNESCO World Heritage as a unique masterpiece of medieval military architecture from its rocky hilltop perch where it dominated the Kingdom of Sicily and thrills visitors today.


Day 4

BARI–OSTUNI–LECCE Breaking Bread BARI A guided walking tour includes the Old Town, San Nicola’s Church, and LF local focaccia tasting.
OSTUNI Free time to browse and for lunch.
LECCE Free time late afternoon and evening.
Breakfast Breakfast
112 mi / 180 km

LOCAL TASTES The beauty of Italian culinary specialties is that no two regions approach recipes in the same way. Take the traditional Focaccia Barese (from Bari). The dough is made with the local staple of potatoes to create a bread that’s not too tall but perfectly soft in the middle. Between the crunchy edges of baked mashed potato are ripe tomatoes, oregano, olive oil, and olives for the perfect palate-pleasing experience.


Day 5

LECCE. EXCURSION TO OTRANTO Sweet Strolls in Apulia LECCE A Guided walking tour includes the Duomo and Santa Croce Basilica. Taste a LF local pasticciotto (filled pastry) and almond coffee.
OTRANTO Orientation and free time to browse before returning to Lecce.
Breakfast Breakfast Dinner Dinner
62 mi / 100 km

CULTURE & TRADITIONS Traditional pasticciotto is the beloved cream-filled pastry of Lecce, which graces the shelves of Apulia’s bakeries and restaurants. Legend has it that this ubiquitous confection was invented by happy accident when chef Andrea Ascalone made too much cake batter, using the excess ingredients to mix up the original pasticcio (meaning mishap or mess in Italian) - a smaller cake with a creamy filling. Sink your teeth into this heavenly pastry with an almond iced coffee to complete the experience.


Day 6

LECCE–ALBEROBELLO–CASTELLANA GROTTE Stone Houses ALBEROBELLO A guided walking tour includes a visit to a Trullo (traditional stone conical-roof hut).
CASTELLANA GROTTE LF Take a guided visit to the underground caves. Enjoy a wine and olive oil tasting followed by dinner at local masseria (local farmhouse).
Breakfast Breakfast Dinner Dinner
81 mi / 130 km

HISTORIC SPOT The Grotte du Castellana is one of the largest cave systems in Italy stretching for over two miles. The underground tunnels are a natural marvel with stunning geological formations illuminated in a rainbow of hues as the sun moves through the sky.


Day 7

CASTELLANA GROTTE–PAESTUM–SORRENTO AREA Grecian Treasures PAESTUM Take a guided visit to the archaeological site en route to Sorrento.
Breakfast Breakfast
224 mi / 360 km

ARCHITECTURE & ARCHAEOLOGY Go off the beaten path to the stunning archaeological site of Greek and Roman architecture. Just an hour south of Salerno, Paestum is home to three Greek temples and fascinating burial paintings from the 5th-century BC. Marvel at this UNESCO of World Heritage Site considered one of the most beautiful archaeological sites in Italy.


Day 8

SORRENTO AREA Amore, Sorrento SORRENTO AREA Orientation walk in the old town.
Free time late morning and afternoon.
Farewell dinner at a local restaurant.
Breakfast Breakfast Dinner Dinner

CULTURAL GEMS Just as the sirens of Greek mythology lured sailors to the rocky shores of Sorrento, we are drawn to its alluring panoramas, sun-washed beaches, bistros, and boutiques. Take a seat in a sidewalk cafe to peruse the picturesque panoramas on the Bay of Naples.


Day 9

SORRENTO AREA Safe travels until we meet again! Your vacation ends with breakfast this morning. The nearest airport is Naples.
Breakfast Breakfast



Escorting tours for more than 20 years

" Travelling that leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller. This is what happened to me travelling around my home country of Italy, a place renowned for its remarkable architecture, fine artworks, delectable food and wines, and superb hospitality. Showing people my country, enthralling them with captivating stories, sharing with them my passion and enthusiasm, and making them happy has become my main goal in life. Join me on a Globus tour so you can see for yourself how life is beautiful in Italy."

Tour Director -  SILVIO CACACE


Escorting tours for more than 20 years

" The role of a Tour Director is much more than organizing and planning. Each new group brings wonderful new people to meet and unique experiences to share. Thanks to this profession, I have the opportunity to show the beauty and treasures of different European regions and cultures with new friends along the way."

Tour Director -  MARIO MOSCA




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