As a rule, a day with Globus costs you no more than you would pay on your own for a hotel overnight. Leave all the details to us. We provide a Tour Director or Cruise Director, comfortable transportation, many meals, a rich sightseeing program, and much more.


Accurate, detailed vacation descriptions


Read our descriptions and you’ll understand the true value of our vacations. The agenda for each day is spelled out so that you know exactly what is included in the price. Our descriptions are unusually specific. Sightseeing with Local Guides is clearly listed and inside visits are spelled out in UPPERCASE within the itinerary.

With Globus you don’t have to guess. Compare what we give you in a vacation with what other companies offer—and then compare prices. You’ll see why knowledgeable travelers consider Globus vacations the best value in the market with even more savings in the off season.


Discount for young travelers


Share the pleasure of a Globus vacation with your children and grandchildren and take advantage of a 10% discount on the land-only price. For eligibility, children must be under 18 years old on the departure date and must be accompanied by an adult. In our many years of traveling experience, we have found that children under the age of eight typically are too young to fully enjoy an escorted or cruise vacation. Because of this and for the safety and enjoyment of all passengers, we do not accept children under eight years of age on our escorted or cruise vacations. On Globus Family Vacations we accept children from the age of 5.

The above discounts do not apply to any intra-tour flights.

Note: We recommend that children under 12 years of age share accommodation
with an adult.


Triple Room Reduction


On most Globus vacations you receive a reduction when three people travel together and share the same accommodations. Triple room reductions are listed on the itinerary pages. Triple rooms usually are not larger than twin rooms, and the third bed, if there is one, is often a rollaway put in a twin-bedded room for the night. Triple
rooms are not available on river cruises.


Pay less for your second vacation


We charge you list price for your first vacation, but for every additional Globus vacation that you take in the same year, you pay US$35 under list. It’s fun to combine vacations to make the perfect trip, or ask a Travel Consultant for suggestions.

Consecutive vacations can be booked with or without transatlantic flights. Any intra-European flights between vacations cannot be reserved as part of the Globus package.


Save by forming your own group


If you form your own group, you’ll receive the following rebates on the land arrangements of your vacation. On vacations to Mexico, Costa Rica, and vacations including a cruise of three or more nights, one person in 32 travels free. In a group of 16, one person travels at half price. On River Cruise Vacations, one person travels free in a group of 16.

On all other vacations, one person in 16 travels free. In a group of 8, one person travels at half price. These rebates are applicable to land-only prices (not air-inclusive prices). Free and half-price land arrangements are credited at the twin rate; single room supplements have to be paid in full.

Tour conditions for group bookings may differ from those for individual bookings.

Learn more about Group Vacations


Joining late and leaving early in Europe


Many Globus land arrangements start and end in London. If you have already spent time in the British capital, you may want to skip one or more of the included London nights or even join at the first overnight hotel on the Continent. Vacations with these reductions are sold on a land-only basis.


It’s in your interest to book early


Plan your vacation in advance, and book your vacation as soon as possible to guard against the disappointment of not finding space. Many Globus vacations sell out months before the departure date.

And remember, the moment we receive your deposit your land price is guaranteed.

This is valuable protection against currency fluctuations and other cost increases. So please don’t wait. Contact a Travel Consultant now for a vacation you’ll never forget!


Travel Protection Plus


Globus offers a Travel Protection Plus Plan that allows you to cancel your vacation up to 24 hours before your scheduled departure for any reason.