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United Kingdom Fast Facts

England Fast Facts

Capital: London Population: 60.5 million Language: English, Welsh Currency: British pound (GBP) Time Zone: EST plus 5 hours Electricity: 240V, 50Hz

England Highlights


Built in several stages starting around 3,000 BC, Stonehenge remains one of humankind's biggest mysteries. While science is still trying to determine the purpose behind this famous prehistoric monument, it is generally assumed to be some sort of astronomical observatory that reflects the changing trajectory of the sun through the sky and the seasons.

Tower of London

Over the years, the Tower has served as an impregnable fortress, a royal residence, armory, treasury, and perhaps most notably, as a prison for those who offended the monarchy. Today, the Tower houses the Crown Jewels along with many other treasures and exhibits. Guarded by 37 "Beefeaters," legend has it the kingdom would fall if they were to ever desert the Tower.

Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling Festival

Every year on the second May Bank Holiday, a seven-pound wheel of cheese is released down a steep, bumpy hill in Gloucestershire. The rolling cheese is chased by dozens of thrill-seeking men and women who wind up falling head over heels down the hill and are ultimately carried off by one of the many paramedics waiting at the bottom. And while the cheese usually wins the race, the hillside of tumbling bodies makes for quite the bizarre and hilarious scene.

Historical Facts

  • England has existed as a unified entity since the 10th century
  • England and Wales united in 1284
  • England and Scotland joined as Great Britain in 1707
  • Britain and Ireland agreed to a legislative union in 1801

Some “spot on” phrases to use in Britain

While American and British English may appear quite similar on the written page, you'll quickly discover a world of differences. Here are a few phrases to help you navigate the British Isles like a local.
Hello.   Alright
Goodbye. Cheerio./Cheers./Ta-ta.
Thank you. Cheers.
I don't understand.   I'm all at sea.
Biscuit. Bicky.
Crackers./Cookies. Biscuits.
Telephone. Blower.
Watch your step. Mind the gap.

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