Explore Confidently

Travel You Can Trust.

Backed by 95 years of travel expertise, our global network of travel planners remains the trusted source for confidence in travel. Globus helps you connect with your dream destinations with an unwavering commitment to delivering extraordinary experiences with the ease and confidence travelers have come to expect when exploring with us.

Along the way, we’re with you step-by-step for hassle-free and worry-free travel experiences to discover your dream destinations. Globus travelers see more of the world with more peace of mind.

Your Home Away from Home.

We go to great lengths to ensure that every aspect of a Globus family of brands vacation is clean and comfortable. As a part of our commitment to clean, we continue our enhanced cleaning procedures with our ships, hotel partners, on our motorcoaches, vehicles, and throughout every trip, including daily disinfecting. And our motorcoaches are equipped with air filters that clean the air as well as provide constant ventilation, and the air in our Avalon Suite Ship® staterooms is never re-circulated with air from another stateroom, so there’s always fresh air, inside and out. We take open-air to heart.

And on an Avalon cruise, each of our ships undergo thorough cleaning before and during your cruise. This includes the use of electrostatic and UV disinfecting technologies (where appropriate), and hourly cleaning of public areas of the ship. You’ll see her sparkle! And we’re committed to touching hearts, not hands, as hand sanitizing stations are available when entering the ship and dining venues.

Rest assured our Tour Directors, drivers and Avalon crew share this commitment to health and safety, as they clear a health screening before the start of their first tour and their health is regularly monitored.

We Stand by You.

You’ve got a expert team behind you each step of the way in your destination. In the off chance something doesn’t go as planned on your travels, you’re in good hands with our global network of partners and tour operations team with the experience to seamlessly handle life’s little surprises.

We Have a Plan “See.”

Globus is proudly dedicated to a long history of doing what’s right for travelers. This means ensuring that your vacation is never compromised by the unexpected. On those rare occasions where Plan A needs a new direction, our global network of travel partners are ready with a Plan “See” to ensure our guests continue their adventure with ease and confidence.

Our Trip Protection Checks Out.

Trip Protection is a unique protection offered by the Globus family of brands to help cover against the cancellation charges of the tour cost if you have to forgo your vacation due to unforeseen reasons and situations. It provides coverage only on Globus family of brands vacations, incase you have to join late*, cancel*, or leave early* due to covered reasons. So, buying Trip Protection is a lot like buying peace of mind. Click here for more information.

Safe. Healthy. Happy.

Maintaining your health and safety is our top priority when traveling with us, ensuring health and safety policies and instructions are in place before each departure. While there is no longer a Covid-19 vaccination requirement or mandatory Health & Safety Waiver acceptance needed to travel with us, we require that all guests follow local health and safety protocols when necessitated by local health guidance and/or our supplier partners. While on tour, we continue to encourage all guests to monitor their own well-being and take precautions and preventative measures recommended on trip. Should a guest feel ill for any reason, they will be encouraged to isolate and/or wear a mask. When traveling with (brand), guests agree to support the well-being of all fellow travelers and our own staff by taking personal accountability for their own health.

Better Together.

We are better versions of ourselves when we’re traveling the world. And we’re just plain better together … with the people we’ve missed in the places that inspire us. That’s why Globus makes it easy to travel with confidence as we reconnect with the world and its wonders.

Plus, we’re here for you. Our Vacation Planners are available every day to answer questions and ensure you’re confident in your upcoming journey—we love to hear from you!