Yes! You’re Covered.

The world is as spectacular as it’s always been … Waiting to be rediscovered! And Globus is committed to sharing the world and all its splendors with the ease and assurances travelers have always enjoyed with us.

Introducing … Yes! You’re Covered. An umbrella program created to shelter want-to-be-travelers from a storm of worries and the perceived travel hassles that are keeping them home.


Yes! You’re Covered means:

On-trip tests are a breeze.

Not only do we schedule and arrange all necessary on-trip COVID-19 tests, Globus also pays for return-home tests.

Everyone’s vaccinated.

We have extended our vaccination policy to ensure our staff, crew and guests are all vaccinated against COVID-19, worldwide, through 2022.

Our health and safety protocols work.

In 2021, our guests weathered the COVID-19 pandemic in the comfort of travel bubbles – on land, on rivers and at sea – across the globe. As a result, our health and safety record is unmatched. Nearly 100 percent (99.9%) of our touring guests returned home without incident after nearly one thousand Globus and Cosmos departures.

Our travel protection checks out.

Globus’ travel protection covers COVID-related on-trip expenses, including a ‘cancel for any reason’ benefit.

We stand by our guests.

If things don’t go as planned on-trip, our guests are never left to face a cloud of uncertainty alone. Instead, they’re always in the care of our operations team while in destination.

We have a Plan “See.”

Globus enjoys a long history of doing what’s right for travelers – ensuring that their vacation is not compromised. On those rare occasions when closures or barriers roll-in and threaten vacations, we provide a Plan “See” to ensure our guests have options to continue to enjoy their journey.

Unparalleled peace of mind.

In addition to countless on-trip assurances, our Peace of Mind Plan invites travelers to sunset their original vacation plans and move their trip without penalty.

We’re providing guests with a set of health and safety advice and instructions, ensuring that all health considerations have been taken into account before leaving home. Please refer to details in the documents below.

View Pre-Trip Health Screening Instructions »
View Health & Safety Waiver COVID-19 »
View Latest Travel & Health Restrictions for Travel »
View On-Trip Protocols & Procedures »

Making It Easy for Travelers

With this Yes! You’re Covered program, Globus is making it easy for travelers to enthusiastically embrace their wanderlust and say “YES!” to new adventures (the good kind)!

For more information about Globus’ enhanced, on-trip health and safety protocols and procedures, click here.

To get insight into the latest entry procedures for destinations across the globe, click here.

Plus, we’re here for you. Our Vacation Planners are available every day to answer questions and ensure you’re confident in your upcoming journey—we love to hear from you!