Lighting the Path to a Better Tomorrow

From our inception, the Globus family of brands has cast a light on the world’s most fascinating places and people – inviting wayfarers and wanderers like you to bask in their glory, intrigue and wonder. Along the way, we’ve helped travelers uncover ancient traditions while meeting the locals dedicated to preserving them; to meander historic hallways while giving back to the societies that safeguard them; and to put down the guidebooks and pick up a greater understanding of the world and its people.

Immersed in enlightening experiences, we naturally gain a deeper appreciation – one that leads to greater compassion, consideration and curiosity as we ask ourselves, what else can we do to protect our planet, preserve our sacred places, and help humankind?

Enter the Globus Lighthouse Project – an illuminating initiative where we can all come together to tread lightly and give generously for the globe’s greater good. Globus, along with sister companies Avalon Waterways and Cosmos, invite our travelers and partners to help us in supporting causes that provide for a more sustainable planet and a brighter tomorrow.

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: The Vital Ground Foundation

Protect and Restore North America’s Grizzly Bear Populations

The Vital Ground Foundation is a land trust that conserves and connects habitat for grizzly bears and other wildlife. Based in Missoula, Montana – and working throughout the northern Rocky Mountains and Inland Northwest, this organization’s mission is to protect and restore North America’s grizzly bear populations for future generations by conserving wildlife habitat and supporting programs that reduce conflicts between bears and humans.