Caring for
the places


Our 90+ years of sharing the world with travelers has taught us a few things. We’ve learned that visiting the iconic destinations and lesser-known locales is truly a gift we’re grateful to share. While we always aim to make your vacation experience care free, we will always care about the people and places our visits touch.


The Right Kind of Footprints

With the philosophy, “take memories; leave only footprints”, we strive to protect and preserve each extraordinary destination for its people, wildlife, and future travelers by finding meaningful ways to reduce our environmental footprint.


Paying it Forward

The people and communities who call our travel destinations home are very generous in sharing their cultures and locales with us. It’s important for us to return the favor by supporting our local communities and improving the individual lives within them.


Culture Warriors

It really is a small world after all, and its a gift worth protecting. We are dedicated to protecting and respecting the unique and extraordinary cultures around the world—and are proud to boost local economies through responsible tourism.

Environmental Initiatives

New! The Ocean Cleanup

Nature’s beauty is a gift to travelers and it is our commitment to preserve the precious environment around us. When you use disposable plastic products like straws and utensils, they can wind up in our rivers and oceans forever. The Globus family of brands is proud to partner with The Ocean Cleanup in an effort to remove and reduce the presence of plastics in our oceans.

Eliminating Plastic Use

We have taken great measures to make a positive impact on our guests while also reducing our own impact on the environment. Taking sustainability to greater depths, we are committed to removing single-use plastic products—from straws to disposable water bottles on our motor coaches and ships by 2020.

Social Initiatives

Wildland Firefighter Foundation

For over three decades, we have introduced travelers to the beauty of America’s national parks. We are proud to recognize and honor the brave firefighters who risk their lives to help protect our private and public lands from fire. Each year, we contribute to the Wildland Firefighter Foundation, which provides immediate financial and crisis assistance to families of injured or fallen wildland firefighters.