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The leaning tower. The Venetian canals. The churches of Rome. The art and culture of Italy has been admired worldwide for centuries, and on a Globus Italy vacation you will go beyond these must-see sights to experience the art and culture of Italy that has been admired worldwide for centuries. We weave together personal insights and unique cultural experiences to create a most enriching Italy vacation for you to enjoy.
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Italian Vista (LR)

Starting at: $1,599.00
8 days from Rome to Milan

On this Italy tour—Italian Vista—you’ll travel from Rome to Milan with overnights also in Assisi and Padua. Along the way, you'll visit some of the country's most famous sights, including the Vatican Museums, the Sistine Chapel, St. Peter's Square and Basilica, the Colosseum, ...More

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Italian Sampler (LQ)

Starting at: $1,949.00
9 days from Rome to Padua

Italy appeals to the heart and soul of every traveler—with its historical significance and extraordinary beauty. It inspires a sense of romance, excitement, creativity, and amazing cuisine. On this Italy tour, you’ll get a sample of what Italy has to offer, from its historic ...More

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Splendors Of Italy (LO)

Starting at: $1,949.00
7 days from Milan to Milan

On this Splendors of Italy tour, you'll spend six nights in Milan with leisure time to explore the city and excursions to Venice, Turin, and Florence. In each of these cities, you'll have a guided tour where you will see the must-see attractions. In Milan, your sightseeing ...More

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A Taste Of Italy (LH)

Starting at: $1,949.00
7 days from Rome to Venice

You’ve heard about Italy—its mouth-watering cuisine, excellent wine, fabulous art, splendid beauty, ancient ruins, extraordinary statues, and remarkable architecture—and now it is your turn to experience it. On this Italy tour, get a taste of what the country has to offer and ...More

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Italy's Great Cities (LJ)

Starting at: $2,079.00
8 days from Rome to Rome

What do you want from your Italy tour—amazing architecture, sumptuous food, delicious wine, breathtaking art, historical treasures, and scenic beauty? Whatever it is, this Italy vacation offers it to you! You’ve seen photos of the Vatican and St. Peter’s Square—now’s your chance ...More

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Italian Treasures (LK)

Starting at: $2,619.00
11 days from Rome to Rome

When you think of the ideal vacation to Italy, what comes to mind? Savoring the local cuisine and sampling the local wine? Visiting the historical sights from the Roman Empire? Maybe it’s seeing the architectural treasures, splendid art, and ornate churches with their religious ...More

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Gems Of Umbria & Tuscany (LT)

Starting at: $2,349.00
9 days from Rome to Rome

The name of this Italy tour—Gems of Umbria & Tuscany—says it all, as you’ll visit some of the medieval hill towns and see some of the beautiful gems that call central Italy home. You’ll begin and end in Rome, and in between you’ll overnight in Spoleto, San Martino in Campo, ...More

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Northern Italy's Highlights & Cinque Terre (LV)

Starting at: $2,469.00
10 days from Milan to Milan

This is the perfect vacation for travelers who want to learn more about the culture, food, and traditions of Northern Italy. You’ll spend two nights in Milan, Parma, Santa Margherita Ligure, and Turin, and an overnight in Lucca. You’ll enjoy an orientation of Lucca, a quaint ...More

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Italian Highlights (LZ)

Starting at: $2,439.00
10 days from Rome to Milan

This is the perfect vacation to see Italy’s highlights—from the historical treasures in Rome and the splendid art in Florence to the picturesque, walled medieval town of San Gimignano and the romantic canals in Venice. On this Italy tour, you’ll of course visit the famous sights ...More

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Highlights Of Sicily & Southern Italy (LM)

Starting at: $2,899.00
14 days from Rome to Palermo

Spectacular scenery combined with fascinating architectural remains and ancient history—all of this awaits you on this fabulous vacation through Sicily and Southern Italy. If you’re interested in Roman history, this tour is certainly for you. You’ll visit Matera, where you’ll ...More

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Italian Mosaic (LI)

Starting at: $2,799.00
13 days from Rome to Rome

On this Italy tour—our most popular vacation—not only will you visit the main Italian cities—Rome, Venice, Florence, Milan, and Assisi—you’ll also get to enjoy some of the smaller towns and scenic attractions. You’ll visit the must-see sights in the cities, such as the Vatican ...More

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Italian Tapestry (LS)

Starting at: $2,729.00
9 days from Venice to Sorrento

A tapestry takes different threads and colors, and weaves them together into a beautiful design. That’s what this Italy tour—Italian Tapestry—does. It weaves together Italy’s most famous cities, its must-see attractions, and its marvelous scenery to create a wonderful vacation. ...More

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European Highlights (HG)

Starting at: $2,619.00
9 days from London to Rome

From its exciting cities to its spectacular scenery, Europe has it all, and on this European tour, you'll see its highlights. You'll spend the night in London, Lucerne, Bergamo, and Venice, and two nights each in Paris and Rome. You'll enjoy sightseeing with local experts who ...More

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The Best Of Italy (LB)

Starting at: $2,999.00
11 days from Rome to Rome

On this Best of Italy tour, visit some of Italy’s most popular cities, including Rome, Florence, Venice, Pisa, Capri, and Assisi. Visit the must-see sights, including the Vatican Museums, Colosseum, and Roman Forum in Rome; St. Mark’s Square and Basilica in Venice; ...More

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The Best Of Italy & France (HH)

Starting at: $3,489.00
11 days from Rome to Paris

Italy and France—two of the most beautiful countries in the world—are waiting for you on this Best of Italy & France tour. You'll spend two nights each in Rome, Venice Island, Florence, Nice, and Paris. You’ll see the must-see attractions in each city on your guided sightseeing ...More

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The Best Of Italy & Sicily (LL)

Starting at: $3,679.00
15 days from Rome to Rome

Italy is a country with so much to offer—amazing scenery, ancient ruins, a rich history, sumptuous cuisine, architectural treasures, splendid art, designer shops, and friendly people. On this Best of Italy & Sicily tour, you’ll experience some of Italy’s and Sicily’s most ...More

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European Tapestry (HA)

Starting at: $3,399.00
14 days from Amsterdam to Paris

A tapestry takes distinct colors and threads, and weaves them together into a beautiful design. That’s exactly what this European tour—European Tapestry—does. It weaves together the distinct cities, cultures, landscapes, and food of seven countries to make a beautiful vacation ...More

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Traditional Grand European (HS)

Starting at: $4,929.00
21 days from London to Paris

A European tour…it should include the most popular and exciting cities, the must-see sights, tasty meals, picturesque scenery, and a mix of culture, history, and just plain fun. On this Traditional Grand European tour, you’ll experience all of this and much more. You’ll stay ...More

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