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If you're longing to visit romantic France, Globus' wonderful selection of France vacations will delight you. While in Paris, ascend the famous Eiffel Tower and visit imposing Notre Dame Cathedral. Why not stroll along the vast hallways and artistic wonders of the Louvre Museum? Depending on which France vacation you select, you might enjoy wine tasting in St. Emilion, admire the 2,000-year-old aqueduct at Pont du Gard, visit Lourdes, or breathe in the enticing aromas of a flower market in Nice. These memorable France vacations are a showcase of the regions most popular cities and world-famous landmarks.
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French Escape (KB)

Starting at: $1,109.00
7 Day Tour from Paris to Nice

On this Escape, you can experience the best of France with the locals and not the tourist crowds—and during the low season so you won’t pay high-season prices. From its vibrant cities and charming, smaller towns…to the beautiful countryside and sumptuous cuisine, France has it ...More

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Wwi Memorials & Battlefields (RW1)

Starting at: $1,129.00
5 days from Paris to Paris

Step back in history on this WWI Memorials & Battlefields tour. Your tour begins and ends in Paris with two overnights also in Amiens, the city where the Battle of Amiens took place in 1918, resulting in the end of the “Great War.” During your three days of touring the sites, ...More

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Wwii D-Day, Landing Beaches And Battle Of Normandy (RW2)

Starting at: $1,279.00
5 days from Paris to Paris

On June 6, 1944, otherwise known as D-Day, Allied troops landed on the beaches of Normandy and gained a foothold in the fight against Nazi Germany. On this WWII D-Day Landing Beaches & Battle of Normandy tour, you’ll visit some of the beaches where the battles took place as well ...More

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Paris, Champagne & The French Countryside (RP)

Starting at: $1,979.00
9 days from Paris to Marseille

From its beautiful architecture and historical sights to its stunning countryside and famous cuisine, France is a country sure to delight even the most discerning traveler. This tour through France highlights all of this and more in the Champagne region and the French ...More

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London & Paris (HC)

Starting at: $1,804.00
7 days from London to Paris

Spend a week discovering two of the world’s most exciting cities on this London and Paris tour. You’ll stay in centrally located hotels and be accompanied by an expert Tour Director who will bring these destinations to life with firsthand, in-depth knowledge. On a guided ...More

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Normandy, Brittany & Château Country (RC)

Starting at: $2,369.00
8 days from Paris to Paris

This France tour is the perfect way to see the highlights of Paris plus Brittany, the Loire Valley, and the World War II landing beaches in Normandy in a short amount of time. Beautiful scenery combined with famous landmarks, charming châteaux, and fascinating history sum up ...More

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French Sampler (RB)

Starting at: $2,499.00
8 days from Paris to Monte Carlo

From its vibrant cities and charming, smaller towns to the beautiful countryside and sumptuous cuisine, France has it all. On this French Sampler tour, you'll get a sample of what France has to offer with overnights in Paris, Beaune, Aix-en-Provence, and Monte Carlo, ...More

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European Sampler (HD)

Starting at: $2,539.00
9 days from London to Paris

As the name implies, this European tour is a sample of some of the major highlights of Europe. You’ll spend two nights in London, Lucerne, and Paris, as well as a night each in Amsterdam and Heidelberg. On your sightseeing tour in London, you’ll visit St. Paul’s Cathedral, where ...More

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Essential Europe (HF)

Starting at: $2,699.00
11 days from Rome to London

Rome, Florence, Venice, Lucerne, Paris, and London—these exciting and vibrant cities await you on this thrilling European tour. Guided sightseeing tours will highlight the must-see attractions in each city, including the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel in Rome; the Academy of ...More

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The Best Of Southern England With Paris (GVE)

Starting at: $2,542.00
10 days from London to Paris

This Southern England tour highlights some of the historical monuments and beautiful towns found throughout Southern England. Your tour starts in London with guided sightseeing of the city's must-see attractions, including Big Ben and a visit inside St. Paul's Cathedral, the ...More

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European Highlights (HG)

Starting at: $2,619.00
9 days from London to Rome

From its exciting cities to its spectacular scenery, Europe has it all, and on this European tour, you'll see its highlights. You'll spend the night in London, Lucerne, Bergamo, and Venice, and two nights each in Paris and Rome. You'll enjoy sightseeing with local experts who ...More

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Britain Sampler With Paris (GEE)

Starting at: $2,742.00
12 days from London to Paris

Our most popular Britain tour offers you the best of this great land. You'll have amazing experiences and see the fascinating sights as you travel from London to Edinburgh and back to London. History buffs will be delighted in seeing mysterious, prehistoric Stonehenge (just ...More

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London & Country With Paris (GAE)

Starting at: $2,791.00
10 days from London to Paris

Historical monuments, royal treasures, amazing museums, fantastic shopping, some of the world's most famous landmarks, an unrivaled theater scene, and beautiful parks—London has it all! On this London tour, you'll have the opportunity to spend six nights in London with plenty of ...More

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Continental Introduction (HY)

Starting at: $3,039.00
14 days from Paris to Amsterdam

Europe—it’s a continent full of different cultures, food specialties, architecture, art, scenery, and histories—and this is the ideal Continental Introduction: experience and see what many of the European countries have to offer. You’ll spend two nights in Paris, Rome, Venice, ...More

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Enchanting Europe (HM)

Starting at: $3,299.00
13 days from London to Paris

The name of this European tour—Enchanting Europe—says it all! You're sure to be enchanted as you travel from London to Paris with overnights also in Amsterdam, Koblenz, Munich, Vienna, Innsbruck, Lucerne, and the Black Forest. Guided sightseeing is included in London, where ...More

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The Best Of Italy & France (HH)

Starting at: $3,489.00
11 days from Rome to Paris

Italy and France—two of the most beautiful countries in the world—are waiting for you on this Best of Italy & France tour. You'll spend two nights each in Rome, Venice Island, Florence, Nice, and Paris. You’ll see the must-see attractions in each city on your guided sightseeing ...More

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European Charm (HB)

Starting at: $3,519.00
13 days from Amsterdam to Paris

On this charming European tour, you will visit some of Europe's most beautiful cities and witness some of its most spectacular scenery. Your tour starts with sightseeing and a canal cruise in Amsterdam and ends with a sightseeing tour and an elevator ride to the second floor of ...More

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European Tapestry (HA)

Starting at: $3,399.00
14 days from Amsterdam to Paris

A tapestry takes distinct colors and threads, and weaves them together into a beautiful design. That’s exactly what this European tour—European Tapestry—does. It weaves together the distinct cities, cultures, landscapes, and food of seven countries to make a beautiful vacation ...More

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Essential Britain & Ireland With Paris (GBE)

Starting at: $3,360.00
13 days from London to Paris

Spectacular scenery combined with fascinating architectural remains and energetic cities—all of this awaits you on this fabulous Britain and Ireland tour. Your tour starts and ends in London with overnights in between in Newport, Wales; Waterford and Dublin in Ireland; ...More

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Holland, Luxembourg & Belgium With Paris (HWE)

Starting at: $3,415.00
12 days from Amsterdam to Paris

For those who wish to visit the Benelux countries—plus Paris—at a leisurely pace, this Holland, Luxembourg & Belgium tour is the perfect vacation. You’ll enjoy three nights in Amsterdam, Brussels, and Paris and a 2-night stay in Luxembourg. The must-see attractions are included, ...More

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La France (RA)

Starting at: $3,769.00
15 days from Paris to Paris

You’ve seen photos of the Eiffel Tower—now’s your time to not only see it, but to take an elevator to the second floor. You’ve studied and read about D-Day’s Normandy Beaches—now’s your chance to visit one of them. You’ve heard about France’s famous wines—now’s your chance to ...More

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Beautiful France (RD)

Starting at: $3,879.00
16 days from Paris to Paris

The name of the French tour-Beautiful France—says it all! You’ll witness France’s beautiful scenery, experience its historical sights, and savor all things French. History buffs are sure to be delighted by the many historic towns and attractions on this tour. You’ll join the ...More

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Traditional Grand European (HS)

Starting at: $4,929.00
21 days from London to Paris

A European tour…it should include the most popular and exciting cities, the must-see sights, tasty meals, picturesque scenery, and a mix of culture, history, and just plain fun. On this Traditional Grand European tour, you’ll experience all of this and much more. You’ll stay ...More

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